A British court has sentenced a man who aimed to travel to travel to Syria to join ISIS insurgents to a 6-year jail term.

Ghulam Hussain, 31, from Batley, West Yorkshire, has told an undercover police officer that he intended to join ISIS.

Hussain, who is of Pakistani origin, told the undercover officer that he would rather die than return to the UK. He also paid the officer for accommodation during his journey.

The undercover agent recorded their talks.

“It was your intention to go abroad, it was your intention to take up arms and to kill, and you did encourage the undercover officer to do the same as you,” Judge Peter Collier told the defendant in court.

“You did have a commitment to travel to Syria, to join Daesh, to fight and give your life.”

He was then convicted for two offenses under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act. Hussain was also convicted of fraud for obtaining credit cards by providing false details of employment and income.

Last year, London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan said he believed the threat of terror attacks were “part and parcel of living in a big city” and encouraged Londoners to be vigilant to combat dangers.