Saudi military bulldozers have razed Awamiyah to the ground amid the brutal crackdown on the Shia-majority town which has caused hundreds of its residents to flee their homes.

According to the Middle East Eye which sited activists as saying that Saudi authorities have resorted to compulsory evictions in and around the historic al-Mosara district of the town.

The activists said the residents of the area have been pushed out of their homes while their property has been confiscated by private development firms.

Saudi military forces have been firing randomly at homes and cars in Awamiyah, according to reports coming out of the town.

Videos circulating on the net show that the city has been reduced to rubble, with activists noting those left inside are suffering from a lack of electricity, water, rubbish collection or fire services.

“There is a plan for forced displacement,” Ameen Nemer, a Saudi activist originally from Awamiya, said. “It doesn’t matter where these people will end up.”

Awamiya has been under military lockdown since May, when Saudi forces began destroying al-Mosara.

Nemer noted that the Saudi regime is pursuing a politically-motivated project to depopulate and destroy the Shia town.

“It has nothing to do with al-Mosara and development, it has to do with punishing this town for being vocal for calling for rights, calling for reforms since 2011.”