The Israeli regime has ended the 36-day long solitary confinement of Palestinian lawyer Shirin Issawi, the Palestinian Committee Prisoners’ Affairs reported.

According to a statement released by the group, Issawi will be transferred from Jalama to HaSharon prison next week after being held in solitary since 22 June.

The Palestinian lawyer was detained in March 2014 and was sentenced to four years in prison last year. Her brother has also been imprisoned for alleged links with Palestinian prisoners.

According to lawyer Hanan Al-Khatib, Issawi was placed in solitary confinement after she reportedly confronted the Israel Prison Service (IPS) officials carrying out a raid in Damon Prison.

Al-Khatib noted that Issawi was assaulted during the Damon raid, before being transferred to solitary confinement.

She badly beaten during the assault, leaving her bleeding with bruises.

Al-Khatib quoted Issawi as saying that after the raid she had been fined 700 shekels ($198), banned from family visitations and purchasing from the prison commissary for a month.

She was also sentenced to seven days in solitary confinement, while all the other Palestinians detained in Damon had been barred access to the prison yard for three days.

Describing the prison conditions in Jalama as terrible, Issawi told Al-Khatib that three surveillance cameras were installed in her dirty cell.

According to reports, 6,200 Palestinians are held in Israeli prisons as of May, 56 being women or girls.