Palestinian ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour has called on the UN to take action against Israel’s “reckless and destructive agenda” across the occupied Palestinian lands.

Mansour told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that the al-Aqsa mosque compound crisis was at a “tipping point”. He also urged the council members to help protect Palestinian people and their holy sites from Israel’s agenda.

“We are clearly at the tipping point,” he said, “We must therefore again warn against the dangers of such provocations and incitement, and fuelling of yet another cycle of violence which will surely have far-reaching consequences.”

The Palestinian envoy also warned that “the stoking of a religious conflict is rapidly unfolding as Israel persists its illegal actions in occupied East Jerusalem (al-Quds).”

Mansour further accused the Israeli regime of “aggressive behavior and provocative violation” of the historic status quo at the Muslim-administered al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Days ago, Israeli authorities installed metal detectors in and around al-Aqsa Mosque. The decision triggered a fresh wave of clashes in East Jerusalem al-Quds.

Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli officials removed the metal detectors and replaced them with smart cameras.

Palestinians condemned Israel’s move, saying all restrictions on the compound should be lifted.