Israeli settlers, backed by security forces, have attacked the al-Aqsa Mosque compound amid escalating tensions over Tel Aviv’s siege of Islam’s third holiest site.

Footage of the incident, which occurred on Monday, showed the Israelis ambling around comfortably at the sensitive place as Palestinian worshipers squatted outside the compound.

Israeli forces also dispersed demonstrators gathering in front of the metal detectors Israeli authorities has set up at the entrance to restrict Palestinian access.

Following a shootout on July 14 that left two Israeli soldiers and three Palestinians dead, Israel fully closed off the compound to Muslim worshippers.

Palestinians say the restrictions are put in place in order to expand the Tel Aviv regime’s control over the highly-sensitive site and change its status quo.

Meanwhile, on Monday an Israeli security man shot dead a Jordanian in the city of Amman for allegedly attacking him with a screwdriver. He also accidently killed a second Jordanian.

Jordanian authorities have refused to allow the guard to leave the country and called for an investigation into the deadly shooting.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said its embassy security guard has diplomatic immunity from questioning and prosecution, adding that he had “acted in self-defense”.

“The Foreign Ministry and security officials are working via different channels with the government of Jordan,” it added.