A prominent Muslim psychologist in Sydney has described opponents of Sharia law as “bigots”, saying that Australia needs to allow special laws for Muslims.

Hanan Dover told her 10,898 Facebook followers that religious groups can engage the laws and negotiate change in Australia based on one’s religious ideas.

“But, only one of those religious laws creates political and media hysteria because it suits political fear-mongering and that's pretty obvious – Islam,” she said.

She went on to compare the idea of allowing Islamic law for Muslims with Aboriginal customary laws in the criminal justice system.

“The fact that there is only one single law for Australians is BS,” she said.

“Australia's liberal democracy prides itself being accommodating to different codes of law for different groups: halacha law for Jews, canon law for Catholics, tribal law for the Aboriginal communities, Islamic law for Muslims.”

The Australian-based psychologist noted that anyone who opposed special laws for Muslims is a bigot.

Under Australia’s Constitution, the federal government is banned from stopping the “free exercise of any religion”.

Meanwhile, Sharlia law has been applied in the United Kingdom for divorce, however these ruling can be overridden by a regular court.