Israeli forces have demolished two Palestinian houses in the Bedouin village of Wadi Na’am and Hura, located in the Negev region.

Large number of the Israeli forces as well as a number of personnel from the Bedouin Development Directorate at the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development carried out the demolition on the pretext of “construction without permit”, according to Lebad Abu Afash, the head of Wadi Al-Na’am local committee.

Abu Afash noted that the demolished house was home to an orphaned Palestinian family, adding that they are currently displaced.

According to rights activist Khaled Abu Kharma, the Israli bulldozers also demolished another house in the outskirts of the Hura village on the same pretext.

Nearly 240,000 Palestinians currently live in the Negev desert. Israeli regime does not recognize their ownership.

The Israeli occupation authorities constantly refuse to provide basic services for the occupied city’s residents. The Israeli regime has also been threatening to demolish their homes.

This is not the first time Israeli forces demolish Palestinian homes.

Earlier in July, two Palestinian families in occupied East Jerusalem were forced to demolish their homes by Israeli forces. The families were forced to demolish their own houses in order to avoid incurring heavy costs on the military.