The Nigerian Armed Forces have carried out a major attack against Boko Haram terrorists on the Northeastern border of the country, forcing the ISIS-affiliated militants to retreat further into the Lake Chad region.

The 7th Brigade of the Special Forces and elements of the 8th Division has carried out the offensive against a militant gathering from the village of Dawashi, according to Al Masdar news.

After the successful operation and subsequent recapture of the village, six ISIS militants were left dead on the battlefield and two more were detained.

A number of motorcycles, abandoned by ISIS’s franchise branch in Nigeria, were also seized.

In the meantime, units of the 145th Battalion and 5th Brigade led another offensive on a neighboring area, capturing four villages, called Gashigar, Asaga, Bukarti and Kanama.

Two militants were killed at the latter village, while all Boko Haram militants fled from the former villages, bringing them under government control.

The Nigerian Army seized one AK-47 rifle, four magazines and four motorcycles from the ISIS-held areas.

Earlier this week, a rival Al-Qaeda group from Mali conducted its first offensive against the Nigerian Army, targeting an outpost in the neighboring country of Niger.

Nigeria has been at war with Boko Haram since the group launched its military operation inside the country about eight years ago.