Iran’s IRGC has seized a Saudi vessel after trespassing on the country’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.

According to an informed source, the vessel – which had set off from the Saudi port of Dareen – was seized in the waters near the southern Iranian province of Bushehr on Friday.

All of the vessel’s crew were detained, the source told Fars news agency, adding that investigations are underway.

The source went on to say that Iranian security forces will not allow anybody to trespass on the country’s territorial waters.

In another incident last month, an Iranian official said Saudi Arabia’s coastguard had opened fire on Iranian fishing boats in the waters south of Iran and killed a fisherman.

The Iranian Interior Ministry’s director general for border affairs Majid Aqa-Babaei the incident occurred after two Iranian fishing boats in the Persian Gulf strayed from their course due to big sea waves.

Since the Hajj stampede in 2015, relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia worsened. Iran blames the incompetence of Saudi officials for the incident which killed 4,700 people, including 465 Iranian nationals.

Riyadh later executed a prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nim al-Nimr, when led to increased tension between the two countries.