Israel has launched another drone strike against the Syrian government in an apparent move to prop up the terrorist groups that are fighting the government, Tasnim news agency reported.

According to the report, an Israeli drone on Tuesday targeted the Syrian army’s positions in the Northern parts of Quneitra province.

The attack was reportedly launched against the army positions at the so-called UN hill which is linked to the Golan Heights and witnessed fierce clashes in late 2015.

On Sunday, sources reported that the Israeli missile units opened fire against the Syrian army positions in Quneitra province after the army inflicted heavy losses on al-Nusra Front in the town of al-Ba’ath.

Al-Mayadeen reported that the Israeli missile units located in the occupied Golan Heights in Tal (hill) Abu al-Nadi fired three missiles at Syrian army positions near Naba'a al-Fawar, inflicting damage on the army’s equipment.

The attack was launched in the aftermath of al-Nusra Front’s defeat against the army in al-Ba'ath.

Also, Israeli military helicopters on Saturday targeted two positions of the army, one in areas near the town of Eastern al-Samadaniyeh and the other around the town of al-Ba’ath.

It was the fourth time in a row that the Israeli Air Force attacked the Syrian Army troops’ strongholds in the Southern province of Quneitra.