An Australian doctor who left his country to join ISIS in 2015 has emerged in a new propaganda video, calling on Muslims to fight in Iraq and Syria.

Tareq Kamleh – dubbed 'Dr Jihad' – is seen in a six-minute video for the first time in more than two years.

Kamleh appears pale, with dark circles under his eyes and a long beard. He is seen treating a child in a hospital before speaking to the camera. He urges Muslims in the West to travel to the Middle East to join the so-called caliphate.

“It really surprises me of how the Muslim nation is acting at the moment and how stagnant you have become,” Kamleh says.

“'What more will it take for it to be a justified cause for you to come here and fight?”

“And if you can't come here, jihad itself isn't only in the lands of Syria or only in the lands of Iraq,” he noted, pointing to Muslims living in the West.

Ever since ISIS emerged in Iraq and Syria in 2014, it has conducted several terror attacks across the world. As the terrorist group identifies itself as “Islamic”, Muslims living in Western countries have come under pressure. This is while the great majority of Muslims do not consider ISIS militants as true followers of Islam.

According to a number of reports, Islamophobic hate crimes in some Western countries have increased sharply in recent years.