Israeli regime is reportedly slated to approve a plan which would see Palestinian people evicted from their homes in East Jerusalem.

A massive housing expansion plan is pushed forward by Tel Aviv in East Jerusalem which will construct some 2,000 new homes in the city, after an extended freeze on building in the area.

The plan includes construction of Jewish housing units in Palestinian neighborhoods in the upcoming two weeks, according to Haaretz. The government is expected to approve the plan.

Under the plan, four buildings will be constructed within the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, south of the Old City.

An Arab family will be evicted for the construction of the new houses.

The construction plans were frozen for the majority of Barack Obama’s presidency. However, as Donald Trump has assumed office, the construction will apparently be approved by the government.

Another plan is also expected to be carried out that would build a Jewish Yeshiva called “Or Samaech” in an open area in Sheikh Jarrah.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly says that Israel will not stop building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Israeli forces regularly attack Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank and expel Palestinian residents. The regime also continues to expand its settlements despite pressure from the international community to desist.