Israel has pounded Syrian military positions for the sixth time in nearly two weeks in response to alleged errant mortar fire from Syria’s Golan Heights.

Tel Aviv issued a statement on Saturday, saying: “In response to projectiles launched earlier today at Israel from Syria, Israeli forces targeted the Syrian military artillery position that was the source of the previous fire.”

The statement further said that both errant rounds which landed in occupied Golan Heights were the “result of internal fighting in Syria”.

“Israel holds the Syrian regime responsible for any breach of its borders and will act accordingly,” it added.

This marks the sixth time in over ten days that Israel has targeted Syrian positions, accusing the Syrian government of launching errant mortar fire.

There were no report of casualties following the incident.

Since foreign-backed militancy poured into Syria in 2011, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and many more displaced.

The border between Syria and the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights has also been tense since the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

Israeli forces have frequently attack military positions in Syria during the past few years in what is considered as an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government and to prop up militant groups.