ISIS terror group has admitted defeat in the city of Mosul during a sermon which also suggested that the group’s leader has been killed.

According to Alsumaria News, a local source in Nineveh has said that Abu Baraa al-Mawseli, one of ISIS’s top leaders, delivered a sermon during the Friday prayer in which he “surprisingly” admitted defeat in Mosul.

Abu Baraa also said Tal Afar town is a “temporary headquarter for the Caliphate.”

Alsumaria also reported that at another sermon in the same town, Abu Qutaiba, another senior aide to ISIS ring leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, broke into tears when he mentioned al-Baghdadi during the speech.

“He mumbled a few words afterwards that suggested Baghdadi’s death,” the source said.

This is while the Iraqi security officials have not verified the two incidents, but have announced that ISIS has been defeated in Mosul.

On Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared ISIS’s defeat in western Mosul Old City, the terrorist group’s last bastion in the city from where it first declared its establishment back in 2014.

Since its establishment and growth in Iraq and Syria, ISIS has been accused of using chemical weapons at least 71 times – 30 in Syria and 41 in Iraq – mostly chlorine and mustard gas.