A British man has been jailed after slapping a Muslim teenager in the face with bacon while shouting “ISIS scum”.

Alex Chivers, who was videotaped as he launched the assault at the young woman and her mother, was sentenced at a London court on Thursday to six months in jail.

He admitted to religiously or racially aggravated assault.

According to the police, the 36-year-old man approached two Muslims on June 8 in north London and made abusive Islamophobic comments before hitting the teen with bacon which is forbidden by Islam.

“You deserve this,” Chivers shouted.

Detective James Payne caked the assault “truly shocking.”

“The victim was out with her mother and getting on with her day when Chivers abused her and then set upon her with something he knew would both upset and offend her,” Payne said in a statement.

“We know other people were present during this attack, including an associate of Chivers who filmed the incident,” he added.

Police said the victim was not injured, but was “very distressed” by the attack which occurred at around 4.40pm.

The attacker was sentenced at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court on June 29.

The incident happened in the wake of an ISIS attack on London Bridge and at Borough Market.

Police in Britain have reported a rise in hate crimes.