The man returns the wallet with £220 saying he did so because he is a good Muslim, and Islam teaches its followers not to keep other people's money because it is forbidden, clearly differentiating between the fake Muslims such as ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Peshraw Ahmed, a fast-food delivery driver, found a stranger’s wallet on a road in London with valuable items. Ahmed filmed himself returning the wallet and shared a video of the interaction on Facebook which has captured the attention of thousands of people.

Ahmed told the wallet’s owner it was his religion that compelled him to return the wallet. “As a Muslim, we believe this [stealing money] is forbidden,” he told the camera before knocking on the wallet owner’s door. “I have to return [the wallet] back to the owner.”

A video of a fast-food delivery driver returning a stranger’s wallet in London has gone viral.

“I am a Muslim guy, so you are lucky I got your wallet,” Ahmed told the owner, whose name is revealed to be Gavin.

The video shows a visibly relieved Gavin tell Ahmed his entire life savings were in the wallet. Gavin further praised Ahmed for being “such a good person” and Ahmed reiterated how his actions were driven by the teachings of Islam. “This is what religion teaches me,” he explained.

“There’s nobody else like you in the world,” Gavin declared, trying to think of an adequate way to repay Ahmed. “You’ve just saved my life. You don’t know how much we needed that money.”

Ahmed said he does not wish to be paid for his action, but he does have a message. “Today, people look at Muslims very bad,” he said as he drew a distinction between extremists such as Islamic State and those he called ‘original’ Muslims. “The original Muslim and the good Muslim will look for the owner of that wallet, like me,” he explained.

Gavin said he “will always remember this for the rest of my life. God wanted me to know something today.”

While some on Facebook questioned Ahmed’s motives, an employee at Bare Grillz, where Ahmed works, told Mashable he filmed the episode “to show the better side of Muslims.”