Anti-Muslim hate crimes have surged in Manchester and London in the aftermaths of the terrorist attacks that targeted the two cities, police says.

According to reports, the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes in Manchester went up fivefold in the week after a terrorist attack targeted a concert in Manchester.

Tell Mama, a group recording Islamophobic crimes, said 139 incidents have been reported in the week after the concert bombing, compared to 25 incidents the previous week.

Police chiefs in London also reported a short-term spike in Islamophobic crimes in the city before this week’s Finsbury Park mosque attack.

Police forces around Britain have stepped up protection for Muslim communities following the Finsbury Park attack, in which a man drove a van into a group of Muslim worshippers close to a mosque in north London.

Assistant chief constable Mark Hamilton, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said short-term spikes in anti-Muslim hate crimes had been registered by both Manchester and the Met police.

“We know that terrorist attacks and other national and global events have the potential to trigger short-term spikes of hate crime,” said Hamilton in a statement before the Finsbury Park attack.

“For this reason we have increased the central reporting of hate crimes for police forces so that we can identify trends and assess threats.”