Iraqi forces have been able to seize from ISIS one of the official border crossings between the country and Syria and blocking a key supply line feeding the terrorist group.

According to Reuters, Alwaleed, which together with two other passageways links Iraq and Syria, was retaken by the Iraqi government on Saturday.

Meanwhile the Syrian government and its allies are also hemming the terrorists in on the other side of the border.

Al-Waleed is near the al-Tanf crossing on the common border.

The common border links up to the main Baghdad-Amman route and is the key to the Baghdad-Damascus Highway.

ISIS captured al-Waleed in May 2015, almost a year after it launched a deadly campaign in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist group also used the bridgehead to expand its grip there to the entirety of the common border.

At the same time, Syrian forces are advancing toward al-Tanf, an area where the American forces have been based since last year in order to train anti-Assad militants.

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, the U.S. and its allies have been supporting militant groups – out of which ISIS has emerged – to overthrow the Damascus government.

The militants are also supported by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and some other Arab countries in the region.