Iran’s Customs Service said it had destroyed a large amount of date fruits that were illegally imported to the country from Israel.

According to reports, the imported dates – which amounted to 9 trucks – were destroyed following a court order. The shipment was seized last year while entering Iran from Maku border, situated in West Azarbaijan Province.

An Iranian official said any import from Israel is illegal under Iran’s law and no order had been placed for the destroyed products, Tasnim news agency reported.

The official noted that the shipment had not received a license from the Ministry of Health, adding that the country’s custom service considers the products as smuggled goods.


Some people in social media suggested that the products be distributed among the poor.

Vali Dadashi, an Iranian lawmaker, said: “It is really surprising and anyone who did [import] this, should be punished.”

After the 1979 Revolution, Iran severed all diplomatic and commercial ties with Israel, and its Islamic government does not recognize the legitimacy of Israel as a state.