A delegation of German lawmakers have refused to meet with Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan in his office located in occupied East Jerusalem.

Hebrew-speaking Yisrael Hayom newspaper reported that Erdan cancelled the meeting with the delegation after the German MPs refused to have the meeting convened in an area located beyond the Green Line.

Erdan refused to hold the meeting, which was planned to be held with Seven German MPs from different parliamentary blocs, in another place, saying he will never accept to cooperate with parties that consider east Jerusalem an occupied territory.

“Whoever wishes to draw lessons from our knowledge and experience in fighting terrorism has to step into the Internal Security Ministry, even if it was located in east Jerusalem,” said Erdan.

“It is high time Germany recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and respected our sovereignty over the city,” added Erdan.

East Jerusalem has been occupied by Israel since 1967 and was effectively annexed by Israel in 1980, an act internationally condemned.

The international community regards East Jerusalem part of the Palestinian territories.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Housing Ministry plans to construct 15,000 new settler units in the occupied East Jerusalem, an act in defiance of international opposition.