The Muslim council of Britain has said the terrorist attacks which targeted Londoners on Sunday were an affront to the religion of Islam.

On Monday, the Muslim council of Britain strongly condemned the terrorist attack.

Seven people were killed and 48 injured as three terrorists drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and launched a knife rampage on people. The men were shot dead by armed police within minutes.

Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, described the attacks as acts of violence which were “truly shocking”.

“I am appalled and angered by the terrorist attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market, in my home city,” Khan said.

“Muslims everywhere are outraged and disgusted at these cowards who once again have destroyed the lives of our fellow Britons.”

He further said that the incident happened in the holy month of Ramada, when many Muslims are praying and fasting, adding, “these people respect neither life nor faith.”

“My prayers are with the victims and all those affected. I commend the work of emergency services working hard to keep us safe and cope with the ensuing carnage,” he remarked.