Two Muslim women have put their lives on the line to defend Christians during an ISIS raid against Marawi City, the Philippines on Tuesday, the Inquirer reported.

Cris, a Bisaya who lived with his family in Marawi, said when a group of terrorists entered the gun store in Basak Malutlut where he worked, Ma’am Farida, a Muslim woman, confronted them.

“The confrontation was really eye to eye, which indicated the seriousness of the message and the personal resolve that Ma’am Farida was showing [to the gunmen],” Cris said.

Stepping back to stand between her employees, Farida told the terrorists “You have to kill me first before you can even touch them!”

Had the terrorists seized them, their families would have been taken, too, Cris said, referring to those who worked at the store.

He added that when the terrorists left, “Farida ordered the employees to get their families and led them to a relative’s house in Bangon, 6 kilometers away.”

Another Muslim woman, Zaynab, was at the same day helping Christians, putting them in vehicles that took them to Iligan in order to escape from the terrorists.

They traveled for 15 straight hours, while skipping meals which was risky for a diabetic like Zaynab.

“I never minded the danger. I was prepared to die first before they (terrorists) could harm the Christians,” she said.