A rights group has warned that cholera outbreak in Yemen would kill thousands of people if the deadly diseases is not brought under control until July, Al-Waght reported.

According to members of the Save the Children organization in Yemen, “a deadly cholera outbreak could become a full blown-epidemic, with more than 65,000 cases expected by the end of June at current rates.”

The London-based NGO noted that Yemen is witnessing an average of more than 1,000 suspected cases of cholera a day, adding that nearly two out of three are children under 15 years of age.

It also said that at least 242 people have died since the beginning of cholera outbreak weeks ago, warning that the deadly disease is spreading too fast to be brought under control without adequate resources.

The news comes as Yemen has been under Saudi Arabia’s deadly airstrikes since 2015.

Riyadh’s aggression against Yemen has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and has caused the war-torn country to suffer from widespread diseases and famine.

Carolyn Miles, President of Save the Children voiced deep concern over the epidemic, saying, “Children whose bodies have been weakened by malnutrition are the most vulnerable to cholera/AWD and there are 2.2 million malnourished children in Yemen. Already, every ten minutes a child under five dies of preventable causes.”