Melania and Ivanka Trump have been mocked in social media for their praise of Saudi Arabia’s so-called “empowerment” of women.

The First Lady and President Donald Trump’s daughter came under intense fire for their hailing of the kingdom’s “empowerment of women” and “encouraging progress” in women’s rights.

This is while the World Bank announced on Sunday that Ivanka had secured a combined $100 million donation from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates for her yet to be established “women Entrepreneurs Fund”.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the large pledge will assist female entrepreneurs and business owners in the Middle East through “easing their access to finance, markets and networks.”

Some users in Twitter suggested that they should set their sights “lower”, and for instance secure the women a driving license.

A tweet read: Sure, Ivanka. Nothing says "empowerment" and "progress" like preventing women from even leaving their houses without a male "guardian"!

“Excuse my fanboy pics of beautiful Iranian women VOTING. Ask the women of Saudi Arabia about that, Ivanka,” another user tweeted.

Melania and Ivanka also took to Twitter to praise Saudi Arabia for its efforts towards “gender equality”.

In Saudi Arabia, women are required to drive or travel without the consent of a male guardian.