Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has lauded people’s mass participation in the country’s presidential election, emphasizing that the Islamic Republic derives its stability from the nation’s presence on the scene.

“We derive stability not from ‘coalitions’, but from our people, who - unlike many - do vote. Iranians must be respected & are ready to engage,” Zarif wrote on his twitter page on Saturday, referring to Saudi Arabia and other regional countries’ military coalition.

Zarif’s comments comes as Iran’s Interior Ministry announced that Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected as the country’s president.

In the Friday election, Rouhani received 23,549,616 votes or 58 percent of the total votes while his closestrival, Ebrahim Raisi, secured 15,786,449 votes or 39 percent of the total votes.

Iran witnessed a big turnout on Friday, with more than 41 million out of 56 million registered voters – nearly 71 percent – casting their ballots in a heated election.

Registration from candidates took place from 11 to 15 April 2017. After the announcement of the confirmed candidates, from 8 to 27 May (for a total of 20 days) they had time to campaign.

2.5 million Iranian nationals living in other countries were eligible to vote and the election was held in 103 countries.