The Syrian Arab Army has made a big victory against the militant-held parts of east Damascus on Friday.

Backed by Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces (NDF), the Syrian army targeted the Dakwah area newar the Tishreen Power Plant.

Ibrahim Joudeh of Al-Masdar News reported that the Syrian army alongside their allies advanced in the Dawah area after launching a powerful assault against the Free Syrian Army (FSA) units in this desert region in east of the Syrian capital city.

According to Joudeh, the Syrian Arab Army aim at entering the Badiyah region of Southeast Homs, located along the Iraqi border.

Recently, Hezbollah has deployed a large number of soldiers to this desert front in order to support the Syrian army to seal the Iraqi border and lift the siege on the Deir Ezzor Governorate.

In another development on Friday, Russian and Syrian officials strongly denounced an American airstrike on pro-Syrian government forces in southern Syria.

It came a day after the attack and called it “an act of aggression”, while rejecting the United States’ justification for the attack.

“It is illegitimate, it is unlawful and the latest gross violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, said in Cyprus.