Nearly 100 young men who were fleeing Mosul have been kidnapped by unidentified militants, sources said.

Ali al-Saleh, an official at Al-Hadar district south of Mosul, has said that the young men were kidnapped after they fled to the town of Hamam al-Alil.

Saleh told Al-Hadath television channel on Saturday that the victims were abducted by militias. He also said that it’s not clear with whom the militias were affiliated.

This is while other sources also said that more than 250 young men have been kidnapped after they fled to Hamam al-Alil.

After months of ongoing efforts by the Iraqi army soldiers and pro-government fighters to liberate Mosul from ISIS militants, Iraqi forces retook control of eastern Mosul in January.

They also launched an operation to retake western Mosul on February.

Iraqi forces have also been evacuating thousands of civilians from western Mosul, as ISIS threatens and kills citizens to deter them from leaving the war-torn city.

According to the UN, nearly half a million civilians have fled fighting since the operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS was launched on October 17, 2016.

This is while half a million civilians are still trapped in the ISIS controlled neighborhoods of western Mosul.