Muslim security guards at the headquarters of tech giant Amazon in Seattle, Washington are planning to march, saying they are mistreated by the company.

The protesters say Amazon does not provide them anywhere to pray.

They accuse the company of double-standards as it provides stand-alone prayer rooms for employees who work in high-tech jobs, but is prejudiced towards those further down the food chain.

Those who work in low-paying positions say they are not provided with the same level of accommodation and that those who speak out against the prejudice are later reprimanded.

Muslim guards say they are being refused the opportunities to pray five times daily – as they’re required to do so by Islam – saying this is while other religions are allowed to use prayer rooms.

Essag Hassan, a former security guard at Amazon, said he was dismissed because of his request to be allowed to pray on his work break.

“I was fired and not given a reason why,” Hassan told PJMedia. “I’m speaking out for all Muslim security workers and for workers of any religion. When you ask for a space to pray on your work break, that request should be treated with respect.”

Hassan noted that there has been a shift in attitudes against Muslims working at Amazon.