Three police officers were wounded on Wednesday when a bomb went off west of Baghdad, according to security forces.

The explosive devise went off at a police patrol that was passing at Ibrahim bin Ali neighborhood in western Baghdad, Almaalomah website quoted the sources saying.

During March, violence in Iraq left 1115 casualties, excluding security members, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) has said.

Baghdad is the second most affected province of Iraq with 84 deaths and 246 injuries, according to the organization’s monthly casualty count.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the majority of the bloody explosions and attacks that has targeted the war torn country during the past years.

The terrorist group, known as the deadliest terrorist group across the world, has begun to escalate attacks outside the city of Mosul, where it has been facing the government forces since they launched a massive operation to retake the city in October.

Commentators believe that by the recent attacks ISSI intends to divert attention from its losses.

The eastern side of the Mosul was recaptured by Iraqi forces in January and the government launched a new operation to retake the western side in February.