ISIS has been killing its members who suffer from gangrene in western Mosul, according to intelligence sources.

The slain terrorists were the wounded ones staying at houses that ISIS turned to hospitals, Shafaq News quoted sources as saying.

It is reported that the decision came due to shortage of medicines as well as medical requirements.

Sources say that ISIS is suffering acute shortage of funds and supplies, especially medical requirements and staff.

The terrorist group has been losing ground and personnel ever since Iraqi government forces, supported by a US-led coalition and paramilitary soldiers, launched a widespread offensive to recapture Mosul, the group’s largest stronghold in Iraq.

The operation, which began in October 2016, has been successful in pushing terrorists out of eastern Mosul.

On Wednesday, Iraqi Army’s Counter-Terrorism Service said only six districts in western Mosul are still under control of ISIS as Iraqi forces liberated most of the districts.

The eastern side of the city was recaptured by Iraqi forces in January and the government launched a new offensive to retake the western side in February.

In the western side of Mosul, the war against ISIS is much more difficult because of the density of residential areas and the high number of civilians.