Thousands of Yemeni people have taken to the streets to protest Saudi Arabia’s ongoing war against the impoverished country.

On Sunday, Yemenis attended a mass rally in Sana’a to condemn Saudis’ airstrikes against Yemen.

“The people of Yemen are fully prepared to confront aggression no matter what its size, whatever its potential. The Yemeni people depend on God Almighty and rely on God and depend on the self-development that develops day after day, one period after another,” said a protester.

“Men at the front of the army and the popular committees are facing aggression on foreign fronts,” said another protested, adding that Yemeni people have a duty to confront those who worth with this aggression from within.

Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen has killed more than 12,000 Yemenis since it was launched back in 2015.

The Kingdom tried to reinstall Yemen’s ex-government, which was very close to Riyadh, to power.

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, during this time, has been running state affairs and defending the nation against Riyadh’s ongoing attacks.

The United States, since Donald Trump became president, has boosted its support for Saudi Arabia in the war. From March 1 to March 8, the US conducted 45 airstrikes against Yemen.