Dr. Seyed Naser Emadi, dermatologist from the Islamic Republic of Iran, is in Burundi once again to treat patients and train Burundian doctors.

He received invitation from Buruni’s health minister to visit the poor country. His trip received local media attention.

Residents of Bujumbura gathered to welcome him and express their gratitude for his humanitarian efforts.


Back in December 2014, Emadi went to Burundi with a dual mission of education and treatment at the Roi Khaled Hospital in Bujumbura.

During his visit, he treated patients for free. “It is a free of charge. I have brought medicine and equipment for the team being trained,” he said.

“The education is very important,” Dr. Emadi said. “I want to train Burundian doctors so that they can independently treat skin diseases.”


Dr. Emadi completed his post graduate training of dermatology in Tehran University of medical sciences, Iran (2000-2004). His Professional Experience is to manage skin diseases amongst black people especially those who infected with HIV, AIDS and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.

He is a member of medicines without frontier since 2005 to now and has been worked in Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabve as a volunteer to serve needy people particularly HIV patients. He has published more than 15 papers in reputed journals (Arch Dermatol, CED, International Journal of Dermatology, DOJ).