A Saudi woman, who was trying to escape a forced marriage in the Arab country, has been forced back to Saudi Arabia by his relatives and airport authorities in the Philippines’ capital, Manila.

She had arrived in Philippines before a planned trip further away to Australia.

Activists have expressed fear for the safety of Dina Ali Lasloom, 24, who intended to escape a forced marriage.

Human Rights Watch cited a Canadian witness as saying that the young woman intended to flee to Australia to escape a forced marriage.

The witness also said that Lasloom told her that “airport officials had confiscated her passport and boarding pass” for a Sydney-bound flight.

“If my family comes they will kill me,” the Saudi woman said in a video posted on social networks.

She was then taken away by two of her uncles and airport security staff, while gagged and struggling.

An airline security official said he heard the Saudi woman “screaming and begging for help” before security personnel and her family carried her “with duct tape on her mouth, feet and hands” at the airport.

Arranged marriages are very common in Saudi Arabia, where women are required to have permission from a male family member, usually the father, husband or brother in order to travel to other countries.