Israeli forces attacked a Palestinian home in the southern occupied West Bank village of Khursa on Thursday morning and set up a temporary military post there after expelling the home’s residents, Ma’an news agency reported.

According to local sources, the Israeli troops attacked Khalid al-Shahatit’s home and forced out his family, telling them that they would be occupying the house until 4 p.m.

The soldiers also hung an Israeli flag outside the home.

The news follows a number of similar instances that occurred in 2016, when Israeli troops used Palestinian hopes as temporary military outposts.

In previous cases, almost all of the occupied homes were close to illegal Israeli settlements. However, Khusra village is not located near neither settlements nor military bases.

The presence and ongoing expansion of existing illegal settlements by Israel and the construction of settlement outposts is repeatedly criticized as an obstacle to the Israeli–Palestinian peace process by human rights activists.

Back in December 2016, UN Security Council Resolution 2334 confirmed the illegality of the Israeli settlements and rendered Israeli citizens involved with settling the West Bank vulnerable to lawsuits throughout the world.

In the West Bank, Israeli continues to expand its settlements despite pressure from the international community to desist.