Fifteen ISIS militants were killed during an airstrike in al-Hadar region in Nineveh, western Mosul, Iraqi government announced.

Iraq’s Defense Ministry’s War Media Cell said in a statement on Wednesday that “an airstrike targeted a gathering of ISIS militants in al-Shaihan village, al-Hadar area, depending on federal investigations and information.”

“The raid left 15 IS militants including three leaders killed including security and administrative officials of the so-called Wilayat al-Jazeera. Others were injured as they were intending to launch attack at several areas,” the statement added.

Iraqi army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) announced storming two districts of al-Abar and al-Tanak located in western Mosul.

As a result, seventeen ISIS militants were killed and also six female members of different Arab nationalities were injured.

Earlier on Wednesday, Iraqi government forces announced resumption of military attacks against ISIS in central Mosul, following a suspension that lasted a few days.

Following Iraqi army’s military campaign that was launched in October 2016, Eastern Mosul was recaptured in January. After the success, another operation was launched in February to retake the western part of the city.

According to reports, defeating ISIS in western Mosul is much more difficult because of the population density of residential areas and the high number of civilians who are used by ISIS terrorists as human shields.