Shocking footage has emerged showing Birmingham police forcing children to ground at gunpoint during a raid on a Muslim house.

The children can be seen as they were being forced out of the house. The children’s mother said she had no idea what was happening.

“I left the house just before 12 yesterday afternoon to go and pay some bills down the road, and left my children in the house as they’re on holidays,” she said.

“When I was coming back I saw a police van just over the bridge, at the end of my road.

She said police grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her towards their van.

“They wanted to search me, but that’s against my faith.”

“I’m a practicing Muslim, and I wasn’t willing to be touched and searched by a male police officer, so we had to wait for a female officer to come and do it.”

The 37-year-old mother said police gave no explanation or apology after they ransacked her house.

“It’s disgraceful … what happened to my children was shameful. They were treated like animals,” she said.

“It could have something to do with my religion. I do experience discrimination, rude comments when I’m walking down the street and that sort of thing,” she added.

“I was wearing my hijab and a long black dress when it happened, so I think that might have had something to do with it – I wouldn’t be surprised.”