ISIS terrorist group has killed dozens of civilians who were trying to flee Mosul during the past days, witnesses say.

Reuters quoted a resident as saying that he had found the mutilated body of a relative hanged from an electricity pole in the Tenek district along with three other young men who were trying to flee.

“Their appearance was shocking. We weren’t able to get them down and they have been there for two days,” said the eyewitness, who asked not to be named.

This is while Iraqi government troops advance in their military operation to liberate the strategic city.

Iraqi forces managed to take control of Mosul’s eastern part on January 23. Since February 19, they have been involved in a new offensive to liberate the western half of the city.

According to Kurdistan Region Security Council, the terrorists killed some 140 civilians on Monday and Tuesday.

Over 40 people were also killed Mosul’s Old City when the terrorists prevented them from fleeing the area, a resident of the Farouq district said.

According to the Iraqi government, at least 355,000 civilians have been able to flee the city since the operations began. However, UN says that some 400,000 are still trapped in the Old City by the terrorists.