ISIS terrorists have executed several civilians in southwest of Kirkuk over cooperation with security forces, a security source in the province said Thursday.

“The so-called head of the legislative court in al-Hawija district (55 KM southwest of Kirkuk) ordered hanging some civilians, who were detained by the militants few days ago over spying for the troops,” BasNews quoted an anonymous source as saying on Thursday without further detailing the number of the victims.

The source added that the execution took place today at one of IS camps near Hawija, and that the bodies of the victims were not handed to their relatives.

Hawija is a strategic town that has failed into the hands of ISIS since 2014. Last year, Iraqi government postponed an operation to liberate the town and moved onto central Mosul instead.

Since ISIS took over large areas in Iraq in 2014, it has executed a great number of civilians and security forces. The terrorist group has carried out the executions and occasionally posted footage of the killings on social media.

Iraqi army, supported by fighters from pro-government Popular Mobilization Units, commonly known by the Arabic word, Hashd al-Sha’abi, and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, launched a joint operation on October 17, 2016 to retake Mosul, which is considered as a strategic city, from ISIS terrorists.