Amaq Agency posted 13 photos on Monday, showcasing a firefight between ISIS and Houthi forces in Yemen’s central province of Al-Bayda.

The ISIS raid occurred near the town of Qifah southeast of Sanaa, in the ISIS-held Wadi A’mer area which has come under increasing attacks by Houthi-led fighters.

Along with killing a number of enemy combattants, ISIS destroyed a vehicle and seized a batch of weaponry. The ISIS recently set up a training camp in the mountanious Bayda region and have since launched a series of hit-and-run attacks in the province.







Meanwhile, Houthi forces also engaged in heavy clashes over the weekend with Saudi soldiers on the border between the two warring countries.

Another Houthi offensive is also underway in western Yemen, ultimately looking to seize the port city of Mocha from the Aden-based rival government.