RAF jets were bombing ISIS terror thugs in a war-torn area of Mosul the same day 200 civilians are feared to have been killed in an airstrike.

On March 17 Tornado fighter bombers supported Iraqi troops advancing inside western Mosul and destroyed five ISIS targets.

That same day a US-led coalition strike hit an area where residents and officials said as many as 200 civilians may have been killed as result of an air raid.

But an MoD spokesman said there is no evidence to suggest RAF jets were behind the deaths.

A statement said: “As operations to liberate western Mosul and Raqqa intensify, the RAF continues to provide precision close air support to ground forces engaged in difficult urban combat.

"We conduct detailed assessments after each strike and review information from organisations such as Airwars and we have not seen evidence that we have been responsible for civilian casualties so far.

"Through our rigorous targeting processes we will continue to seek to minimise the risk of civilian casualties, but that risk can never be removed entirely."

It added: "We are aware of reports, and will support the Coalition investigation as required."

The US-led coalition fighting Islamic State in Iraq has taken every measure to protect civilians and will investigate reports of civilian deaths during an operation in Mosul, a US general involved in the operation said today.