Palestinian Authority (PA) forces have violently suppressed a demonstration on Sunday in Ramallah, as protesters gathered to voice their anger over a court case against slain activist Basil al-Araj and five others imprisoned by the PA.

Araj, a prominent activist against Israel’s military rule, was killed in an Israeli raid in Ramallah last week.

“The martyr Basil al-Araj, who rose up after an armed clash with the occupation in Ramallah, is an example of the conscious resistor, who called for resistance in his words and implemented it with his deeds,” Hamas wrote on its official Twitter page after Ajar was killed.

Clashes also erupted between PA security forces and demonstrators in the Bethlehem-area Duheisha refugee camp on Sunday evening following a similar protest.

Several protesters were detained and at least 11 were injured in the clashes, including Araj’s father. Police also prevented journalists from covering the event and broke their equipment.

Ajar was detained last year by PA security forces for allegedly planning attacks against Israelis. PA authorities placed him under administrative detention, and was released in September.

The famous activist was known for his participation in a nonviolent civil disobedience demonstration back in 2011. He was also actively resisting against Israel’s security barrier in the Bethlehem area.