The Netherlands stopped the Turkish Foreign Minister’s jet from landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam this afternoon amid security concerns, Dutch officials reported.

The foreign minister said that Turkish citizens living in the Netherlands were "being taken hostage" by the Dutch injunction on political rallies and speeches.

It is the latest in a series of bans across Europe, most of them in Germany, that prohibit Turkish leaders from campaigning to drum up support among Turkish expats on behalf of the country's ruling party for the April referendum.

Speaking in an interview on CNN Turk television, Cavusoglu said that if the Netherlands refused to give him permission to fly to Rotterdam, Turkey would respond with harsh economic and political sanctions.

Citing “risks to public order and security,” the Dutch government announced the cancellation of the Mevlut Cavusoglu’s visit to the country.

Livid over this move by the Dutch, the Erdogan regime promised harsh sanctions against The Netherlands and its people.

“If the Netherlands cancels my flight permit, our sanctions to the Netherlands would be heavy,” the Turkish Foreign Minister claimed, as cited by the Washington Post.

With the ban on campaign rallies, Rotterdam joined a growing list of European cities that block such gatherings for fear of unrest.

Erdogan has already issued a statement in which he vows to retaliate against the Dutch ban.

Many in Europe worry that Erdogan is capitalising on post-coup fears to push through a more authoritarian system with few checks on his power.

CNN Turk said he was denied a flight permit. NTV said he was denied a landing permit.