China’s Phoenix TV interviewed Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Saturday morning to discuss several topics related to his country and region.

During the interview, the Chinese journalist asked the Syrian President what his thoughts were regarding the trilateral meeting taking place between military officials from the U.S., Turkey, and Russia.

The Syrian President responded that the meeting itself was not objective because there is at least one party, which is Turkey, that is sympathetic to the Islamic State (ISIS).

“Yeah, if you want to link that meeting with ISIS in particular, it won’t be objective because at least one party, which is Turkey, has been supporting ISIS till this moment,” Assad asserted on Saturday morning.

“Because Erdogan, the Turkish President, is Muslim Brotherhood. He’s ideologically linked and sympatheti with ISIS and with Al-Nusra. Everybody knows about this in our region and he helped them either through armaments, logistics, and exporting oil,” Assad added.

Tensions between Turkey and Syria were believed to be improved up until recently, when the Turkish Armed Forces carried out sporadic attacks against the Syrian Arab Army in northeast Aleppo.