A top British police chief has issued a statement, welcoming a report that has been criticized by the Muslim community for “demonizing” Islam.

Mark Rowley, the assistant commissioner for London's Metropolitan Police, did not attend a parliamentary event hosted by the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) on Tuesday, but instead his statement was read out at the event by Michael Howard, a former leader of the Conservative Party.

The Henry Jackson Society (HJS) hosted the event to launch the right-wing think tank’s new report, “Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offences and Attacks in the UK”.

Rowley said in his statement that he welcome the report as a “factual, impartial and highly useful resource.”

The senior police chief had faced criticism for endorsing the HJS, which is known by the Muslim community as a think tank that spreads anti-Muslim sentiment. He was also criticized for having links to neo-conservative organisations in the United States.

Days ago, Britain’s leading Muslims representative body criticized Metropolitan police chief’s decision to speak at the event.

The Muslim Council of Britain, in a statement to the Middle East Eye, warned against Rowley endorsing the organization.

"Our police services quite rightly place a strong emphasis in building strong relationships with the communities they serve," the MCB said.