After fierce clashes between the Iraqi government and ISIS terrorists, once again Iraq’s flag flew over Mosul’s provincial government buildings.

According to Rudaw, Iraqi security forces has managed to retake a key site, a provincial governmental complex that ISIS was using as its headquarters.

Videos published by the news agency show the fierce clashes between Iraqi and ISIS snipers.

The Government building was retaken in the city’s Dawasah District on Tuesday by a rapid reaction unit, serving the country’s Interior Ministry, according to Lieutenant Colonel Abdel Amir al-Mohammadawi, a spokesman for the forces.

“They killed tens from Daesh,” he said.

Iraqi government released a report on Tuesday, saying 135 Takfiris had been killed and 24 of their bomb-laden vehicles destroyed during the operation in the past two days.

Iraqi forces, backed by popular allies, launched an operation in October to liberate ISIS-held Mosul from the terrorists.

Mosul fell to ISIS terrorists back in June 2014, when the terrorist group had just begun a large-scale offensive in Iraqi territories.

Iraqi government forces have since then reorganized and been able to take back much of the territories from the terrorists, but the operation to liberate Mosul has faced difficulties since ISIS members have placed themselves among civilians and are hard to recognize.