A fresh wave of Saudi air raids against Yemen has claimed the lives of at least four Yemeni civilians and left nearly a dozen others wounded.

Al-Masirah television network reported that four people were killed and ten others wounded when Saudi fighter jets performed two airstrikes against a residential area in the Jabal al-Marhab mountainous region of Yemen’s northwestern province of Amran on Saturday afternoon.

Earlier in the same day, Saudi fighter jets carried out six airstrikes against Harad and Midi districts in the northwestern province of Hajjah. No reports of casualties were provided.

Three separate Saudi air raids were also launched against al-Aqabah Asfal Maran area in the Haydan district of Yemen’s northwestern mountainous region of Sa’ada.

Saudi Arabia waged a war against Yemen in 2015, when the Houthi movement became powerful.

According to the UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, Jamie McGoldrick, Riyadh’s war against Yemen has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 Yemenis and left more than 40,000 others injured.

McGoldrick also said that the figure was based on casualty counts given by health facilities and that the actual number may be higher.

Yemen’s Legal Center for Rights and Development has put the civilian death toll at 12,041.