Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused France, Britain, and the U.S of having attempted to “poison the atmosphere of the latest Syrian initiative aiming at resolving the 6 year-old crisis.

Lavrov said on Friday that the three countries have intended to undermine the peace negotiations by drafting and putting to a vote an anti-Syria resolution at the UN Security Council.

He noted that the measure was taken with the knowledge that it would be blocked and without any prior discussions.

The anti-Syria resolution was vetoed by Russia and China, two of the five permanent members of the Council.

Authors of the motion, Lavrov said, “wanted the Security Council to split up” at a critical time when the long-stalled peace talks were being re-launched.

“The aim was not just divide the UN Security Council but to poison the atmosphere of intra-Syrian talks,” Lavrov maintained.

The top Russian official also said that any suspicion about the use of chemical weapons in Syria would be examined thoroughly, voicing Moscow’s readiness to collaborate with the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in that area.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government has strongly denied using chemical weapons in the conflict. In 2013, Damascus turned its arsenal of chemicals over to international experts.