An Israeli comedy show host, in his last monologue, implores Israelis to wake up and smell the Apartheid that has been there for ages.

During the video, Assaf Harel of “Good Night With Asaf Harel” strongly criticized Israelis for ignoring how the occupation affects Palestinians, noting that Israeli is an apartheid state.

The Israeli comedy show host’s criticism of Israeli regime and society soon went viral on social media, with over 5,000 shares in two days since it was posted on the show’s Facebook page.

The show, which was aired by Israel’s Channel 10, was one of the regime’s most incendiary shows broadcasted on mainstream television.

It was recently fined when Harel mocked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for using his brother’s death for political gain.

Good Night With Asaf Harel was not renewed for another season, even though it has gained many followers on social media.

Human rights activists has on many occasions denounced Israeli settlements, which are Jewish-only colonies, of being the epitome of racism and apartheid.

The Israelis have been annexing Palestinian territories in Jerusalem (al-Quds) and have built across their border which cuts into the West Bank.

They have also put in place a blockade on the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces routinely murder Palestinians without facing punishment.