Iraqi Police Commander General Shaker Judat says ISIS is near its collapse in Mosul as the terrorist group’s commanders are fleeing from the city in numbers.

“The ISIL (ISIS) terrorists are presently facing confusion due to their defeats in tough battles with the Iraqi government forces,” Judat was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

He further said that Iraqi intelligence’s data suggest that the terrorist group is on the verge of full collapse.

Earlier on Wednesday, an Iraqi army general and residents said in relevant remarks that the army units closed the last main exit out of the terrorist group’s stronghold in Western Mosul, controlling access to the city from the Northwest.

A general from the Iraqi army’s 9th armored division also said that the unit is within a kilometer of Mosul’s Syria Gate, the northwestern entrance of the city.

“We effectively control the road, it is within our sight,” he said.

Mosul residents, as they themselves said, had not been able to travel on the highway that begins at the Syria Gate since Tuesday.

ISIS took control of Mosul in 2014. The Iraqi government has launched a massive operation in late 2016 to retake the strategic city.

Backed by the counter-terrorism forces as well as federal police and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, the Iraqi army has been able to retake areas from ISIS.