A U.S. Republican Senator has warned against Turkey’s wish “to absorb the Northern Syria into the greater Turkey,” saying that the Syrian neighbor desperately wants to take control of Syrian water and oil resources, Press TV reported.

Turkish government uses terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda to carry out ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria in order to pave the way for Ankara’s dominance there, said Hayden Black, the member of the Virginia Senate.

Referring to ISIS as a tool of Turkey and the U.S., Mr Black said: “They don’t want Syria to eventually survive, because Erdogan sees himself as the head of a vast caliphate, and as the head of a resurgent Ottoman Empire that stretches from Europe onto China.”

He further said that Turkey has been the greatest ally of ISIS throughout most of the six-year war in Syria, adding that the terrorist group had 2,000 oil tankers that carried massive amounts of oil stolen from Syria and took it to Turkey.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said recently that Ankara-backed militants will advance towards the Northern Syrian town of Manbij in Aleppo province after succeeding in their mission in al-Bab city in the same province.

Syrian government has strongly condemned Ankara’s attacks near al-Bab.